OXO Expandable Drawer Divider Set of 2 | Tool Free Installation | Expandable



Our collection of beautiful yet super practical storage solutions will help bring calm to your space and keep it that way.


  • OXO Drawer Dividers - set of two
  • A unique mechanism allows for tool-free installation.
  • Simply place and push down to lock in place
  • Ideal for use in wardrobe, kitchen and office
  • 4.5 cm W x 43.1 cm L x 10 cm
  • Expandable between 28cm to 43cm
  • Minimum drawer height 11cm 


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OXO Expandable Drawer Divider Set of 2 | Tool Free Installation | Expandable


1. Take a deep breath

Relax and have a drink (coffee, tea or better still wine) and take a few  moments to get in the zone. You've got this!

5. Sort your items into groups

Put all your snacks together, baking items together ...you get the gist!

2. Set enough time aside

An average sized pantry takes a minimum of three to four hours 

6. Time to decant

& store

Food items can either be decanted in containers or stored in packets in storage containers

3. Pantry Collection Products all ready

Have all your storage products laid out, ready to go

7. Labels Labels Labels

The best chance your pantry has of staying organised is for all your containers to be labelled

4. Take everything out - yes everything!

Time to take everything out of the pantry. Re-home anything that doesn’t belong and discard out of date food. Wipe clean all the surfaces.

8. Keep everyday products close

Work out what you need regularly (ie everyday items) and store these within easy reach, the rest can be stored up high. These are items you don’t need to access often.

Final Tip.

Congratulations! You did it - well done! Now time to pour yourself a glass of wine, sit back and admire the view.