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TIDEE’s philosophy “Do, Declutter, Donate” is simple, proven and effective.

We understand that clutter has the power to make you feel out of control and stressed. Spaces that are clutter free help to reduce stress levels by creating order, clarity and calm. TIDEE helps you to be organised and free you from the chaos of clutter, simplifying your life.


We will assist you in identifying the items to stay and those that can go. Using the right storage products for the ‘problem’ areas we will implement organising systems that you can maintain. 

We have the experience and know-how to remove your clutter and keep the good and important stuff. We will help you gain control of your home environment and beat the clutter once and for all.

We won’t just throw out your decluttered items - we will recycle and donate your pre-loved goods to the multiple charity partners we work with, helping you, the community and the environment - winning!


We will donate your preloved items to the various charity partners we work with.

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