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A bit more information on how we work


1. How do you carry out the organising?

We have an organising philosophy that guides how we undertake each job -

Do.  TIDEE goes where many fear to tread. An overstocked pantry. A messy toy cupboard. A crowded bookcase. We’ll get you sorted, with practical long-term storage solutions to maintain tidiness.

We will wipe down all interior surfaces and existing storage items to ensure these are clean. We only use environmentally friendly and non-toxic cleaning products.

Declutter.  TIDEE’s streamlined and simplified sorting system means you can find what you need, when you need it. Eliminate excess waste and needless purchases.

Donate. TIDEE encourages and promotes the reuse and re-homing of pre-loved goods.

2. Do you donate preloved goods?

We won’t just throw out your decluttered items. At the conclusion of each job, items can be taken to the various charity partners we work with.

3. Do you recycle items?

We are passionate about recyclying and rehoming your preloved goods. When we organise we are always mindful of what we are adding to landfill and will recycle wherever possible; whether that be using your own organising products or recycling unwanted packaging. We will consciously set aside recyclables whilst decluttering.

We also offer environmentally friendly organising products, such as glass containers and reusable labels.

4. Do you remove unwanted items?

At the conclusion of each job we can remove your unwanted items for recycling or re-homing at one of our multiple charity partners. Large items for removal will incur a removal fee.

5. How do you charge?

See our pricing page and we can tailor a package to suit you and your budget.


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