TIDEE Organising Service.
$150 per hour for 2 people  

4 hour minimum

Product Sourcing & Selection.

$150 per hour 


Organising Product. 
$250  - minimum product commitment 

Basic Unpack & Organise.

4 x TIDEE Staff

4 key spaces

$3,000 (includes a few basic organising products)


Full Unpack & Organise.

6 x TIDEE Staff

Majority of key spaces inc. Kitchen, Laundry, Linen, Bedrooms, Bathrooms)

$3,750 (includes basic organising products)


Quarterly maintenance service
$500 per quarter

Additional TIDEE Talent.

Additional TIDEE Technicians charged at $60 per hour

Size of team dependent on job scope

Rates are exclusive of GST

Take comfort knowing we are fully insured so you and your possessions are in safe hands.