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Love your Linen!

We are TIDEE. We help declutter and organise people’s homes for a living. We will let you in on a little secret though…our towels don’t always stand up like Marie Kondo’s but they do "spark joy" and if yours don't, it's time to move them on out.

Linen that is organised and TIDEE will make life a little bit easier when it comes to bath time, pool time, making the bed time. And if you can stand in front of the linen cupboard with a glass of wine and admire the view, then better still - or are we the only ones who do that?

Here are a few of our top TIDEE tips for your linen...

Home Sweet Home

Have a home for your towels and sheets and always return them there after they are washed. It might be that you are lucky to have a linen cupboard, or you might keep items that are used in a particular room eg, kids’ linens in kids’ cupboard. Ideally towels and sheets should be kept away from moist areas to avoid the dreaded musty smell.


If you have more than three sets of towels per person in the household, it’s probably time to declutter. Torn, worn, tattered, out of shape, discoloured or stained towels should be moved to the laundry as "rags" for cleaning the house, car or pets. If you already have some rags, you can donate your unwanted towels to your local vet where they will definitely be put to good use. If you are handy around the house, keep a sheet or two in the shed for painting or other messy activities.

Folding is Key

It’s strange we know, but we love folding. But even if you don’t, we suggest that you put some time aside to do the thing that you don’t enjoy. It doesn’t need to be picture perfect but the secret to an organised linen cupboard is 90% in the folding! Rumpled, crumpled and messy towels and sheets don’t look good in or out of the cupboard. Folding will instantly create some order to your linen cupboard chaos. So, if your linen is looking like it just came off the floor - take it all out (yes, all of it) and fold it all - neatly. Then put all the same items together, from the hand towels to the single quilt covers and so on. A glass a wine will definitely help with this task!

‘Til Death Do Us Part Keep sheets together. Keep fitted sheets and flat sheets together by size and type. Keep pillow cases together. Keep quilts together. You can fold matching pillow cases into the quilts for easy access. Using baskets (wicker or wire) and labels can really help.

The same goes for towels, keep together by type (eg, beach towels with beach towels) and colour. Oh, and if your sheets are all the same colour but in different sizes, be sure to grab a laundry marker and mark the size on the label eg, “king” (so annoying trying to get the double sheet on the king bed!).

Storage is King (or Queen)

Use storage boxes or bags for larger items that you’re not accessing every day, such as quilts or odd shaped items like sleeping bags. This will help to create order. Boxes are a good option and also great for dividing long shelves - try tipping the box on its side, so items can stay easily contained, but also visible. No more towels or sheets spread all over the shelf.

Get your Martha Stewart On

If you are feeling some Martha Stewart vibes, pop a jar of bi-carb soda (add some essential oil of choice) in the cupboard, alternatively soap bars or scented candles work a treat and your sheets will smell like jam donuts. You can also purchase linen sprays which you can use in the cupboard and on the bed. They also help remove musty cupboard smells that can seep into your linen (which can happen when cotton, being hygroscopic, absorbs water and sits in a cupboard with no air).

A few simple tips to get you started on living your best life - free from extra stress and the shackles of everyday house keeping so you can get on with the stuff you love.

If you have any questions or just feel like getting your TIDEE on, please connect with us

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