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Has the wardrobe turned into some sort of horror film where you open the doors and are consumed by a mountain of jumpers? Is the disorder and clutter of your wardrobe finally too much to bear. Does it make you feel anxious and stressed? If you answered "YES!!!!", it's probably time to declutter!

The good thing about the current covid climate is that we are all at home, so there are no excuses. Here are a few simple steps to help you get your TIDEE on.

Step 1 - Start small

Pour yourself a glass of wine (ok maybe it's too early for wine, coffee or tea will do). You don't have to start with the entire wardrobe, start small with one section first, eg just the shoes. In our experience if you try and tackle everything at once (especially if organising doesn't come naturally) you will likely become overwhelmed. Don't underestimate how long it might take you though, put aside some time to declutter and if you smash it out then great ...keep up the great work and keep going!

Step 2 - Have a vision

Before you embark on any declutter project imagine how you want the space to look. Ask yourself this question - what is my vision for this space? Choose a style that you like and then spend time researching the organising products that match your style. We love #ikea for our inspiration and product sourcing, it's our 'go to' for most of our jobs. It has so many versatile products that work in all spaces in the home. But hold your organising horses, before you rush off and purchase every product in sight, measure the space first. Know what products will physically fit the space and how many you need before hitting the shops. Oh and new hangers are a must. Matching hangers will create instant uniformity and glam! We love velvet hangers for their slim lines and ability to hold all fabrics.

Step 3 - Clear the space

Once you have an idea of what you want the space to look like and you have the products ready to go, it's time to take everything out (yes, everything)! Who knows what could be lurking at the back of the wardrobe, that t-shirt you have been looking for since 2018 or that long lost sock you were sure would turn up one of these days. To ensure you declutter the entire space, it's important that you remove everything in it.

To help you clear the space effectively, you will need 3 tubs or big containers labelled Do, Declutter and Donate.


This tub is for the items you wish to keep. These items, once sorted will go back in their designated spots.


These are for items that you are getting rid of. These are items that you can't sell or give away, so it's time to so long, farewell them!


This tub is for items that you can give away, ones that can benefit another person (clothing, toys etc). Giving your pre-loved items away to a charity helps you, the environment and the community. Winning!

Step 4 - Time to get ruthless

Ok, so you have taken everything out and you are now deciding which items can go in which tubs. Like Lizzo, your wardrobe should make you feel 'good as hell'. If you are unsure - try it on - do you love it? Yes!! Have you worn it lately? Yes!! Great, it's a keeper. However, we do suggest being ruthless, you have to love it and it has to be useful. If you haven't worn it in over 12 months then it's probably time to get your frozen on and 'let it go'. Want to be super ruthless? For every new item in, one must go out!

Step 5 - Everything back in

Well done, you're almost there! You have now sorted all the items and have worked out which organising products are going it's time to get everything you are left with back in the cupboard in its new home. Keep items in categories i.e. t-shirts together, denims together etc and after you have worn them and washed them, back in their home they go. Once the organising system is in place it should be easy to maintain.

If you commit to maintaining your wardrobe it will make a huge difference to your everyday life. A quick monthly TIDEE would be our recommendation and a declutter once or twice a year.

Time to pour yourself another glass of wine have earned it!

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