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A Professional Organiser's Guide to Decluttering your Laundry

We share some of our top tips on decluttering and organising the laundry.

The laundry can definitely be a haven or a hell. Yes, we know doing the washing isn’t one of life’s pleasures, but given the laundry is a necessary evil then creating a space that is organised and beautiful will help make it that little bit more enjoyable. Despite how much stuff ends up in a laundry, it is one of the easiest spaces to organise. Most items can go into well labelled containers for easy, organised storage and it can look beautiful too. Here are our top tips for organising and decluttering your laundry:

1. Measure your space Storage containers are going to be key to your laundry organising success, but before you go wild and purchase the latest storage range from adairs measure your space first to make sure the storage items fit. There are so many great options available from a range of retailers. 2. Sort your items Laundries can accumulate lots of random stuff. Fact. From old shopping bags to first aid kits, vases – you name it, the laundry has it. The key to organising this space (like any other space) is to take everything out of all the laundry drawers and cupboards, and we mean everything! Don’t go putting your light globes with your washing powder. The key is grouping the same type of items together.

3. Edit & contain With your items now sorted, it is time to get rid of the items that you don’t need. Too many shopping bags – lose them, keep only the ones you will use. Now it’s time to contain all your grouped items. Our go-to’s for the laundry are white plastic tubs. Plastic works really well in the laundry especially in damp areas (eg under the sink) and for housing items such as cleaning products that can spill. If you’re short on space choose containers with lids so you can stack these up. 4. Label The secret to creating an organising system and being able to stick to it is simple – label your containers! From tools, to globes, to washing, cleaning, shoe shine – whatever it may be. This serves as a visual reminder for everything to go back to its rightful home and that way the next time it’s needed, it can be easily located. 5. Pets Ideally, we like to create a pet zone in the laundry. One of our pet peeves (pardon the pun) is pet food in the pantry! Find a designated space to keep pet food and accessories that’s also easily accessible. Top tip Most people have a minimum of two laundry baskets at the ready, one for dirty clothes and one for clean. Better than this, is a basket for every household member’s clean washing (ideally labelled) creating a functional and fool proof laundry system. It can also be a saviour as everyone can take ownership of their clean washing and put it away. If you are short on space, foldable baskets are brilliant space savers which can be folded flat and stored when not in use. It might take a few hours to get the laundry sorted, but if you are doing a house declutter it’s a great place to start! It’s a simple space to organise and the results can have a BIG impact on your every day and you never know, you might even start enjoying doing the laundry.

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